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Welcome to Bits and Segways, really segues but whatever. It’s the new focal point of Stand Up Comedy!

I love the art, because it is art, of Stand up comedy. The more I watch and listen the more I realize how much I get out of it. If a good laugh makes you live longer and time passes faster when you’re having fun.. That must mean that nothing happens and in my experience that is true so both of the sayings must be true.  

Hopefully you will remain here for much longer than you really have time for and maybe, just maybe, you will miss a buss or be late for a meeting only to discover exactly how much stand up can improve your day. You will then realize that is was totally worth it and you will stay to browse another hour or two. Screw that meeting, you will find happiness right here. You will. I promise. It’s not a lie, really.. It’s true. It is! No, it’s not. Just kidding.. it is. True I mean. That you will find happiness. Here. On Bits and Segways.  Are you listening to me? Maybe I got a bit carried away but I don’t apologize for my actions so.. I’m sorry. You know.. I can’t really say that I am.

I will review albums and stand up comedy specials that I like most of the time so there is no need to tell me that all of the reviewed albums have high scores, I know that, I scored them. I strive to deliver top of the line comedy to those interested. I have no intention of letting people know of all the bad comedy out there. This means that if an album is reviewed on this site, I think that it is worth listening to and the grading is there to separate the good from the brilliant. This is my site, I can do what I want. If you don’t like my taste in comedy, or to put it in another way, good comedy maybe this is not the site for you. 

Now off you go little one, off to find happiness in the land of dark, sparkling, brutal, glittery, dirty, magical, nasty, awesome, disgusting, wonderful, and politically correct (sometimes, almost never) humor. Many wise historians, physicists and magicians has said that it is not what you do that counts it is the thought of doing. It’s the thought that counts… My thought is to fill this, my own domain, with all the stand up comedy content you need to enhance your life. To really put that silver lining on an otherwise gray everyday experience, just standing on that elevator moving further and further down into the underground towards that pitch plack darkness. Note: If you dont work in a coal mine that last sentence doesn’t apply to you. If you do, or if it does… I’m sorry. For you.

I will obviously appreciate all the feedback I can get as long as it is constructive like you want to build the rest of this site for me or construct other things. Or if you just want to let me know of any stand up comedy that you think I should see or review. Just use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Happy, life consuming, stand up comedy surfing and stay tuned.


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Disclaimer: I deny all responsibility for every relationship that will be damaged because of this site, even my own. All written content on this site is either a figment of my imagination or outright stolen. I claim ownership of it all. All images are stolen, or borrowed without intent to return them, from google. The stand up comedy videos are from YouTube or from “the internet” (haven’t been but it’s supposed to be a great place) and therefore free. There it is, my disclaimer, totally disclaiming me from all responsibility. Lawyers are not advised, they will kill me, literally, I’m allergic.

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