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Published on March 16th, 2013 | by admin


Stand up Comedy review – Brian Regan

Brian Regan stand up comedy special “I walked on the moon”

This is probably the show that I know most from by heart. I just love it and I love Brian Regan. Even though it has almost 10 years on it it’s still one of my all time favorite stand up comedy specials. Brian Regan is, like Jerry Seinfeld, totally clean and I don’t think he has a single swear word in any of his stand up comedy specials. He doesn’t need it, his body language and clever written bits holds all the water in the world without explicit language. Speaking of body language, his visuals are very essential to his stand up. He’s good on albums but there is a world of difference to see him perform. I’ve herd a few people say that he’s overdoing it and it doesn’t feel genuine, that he is putting on an act. The same people loved Eddie Izzard.. Just saying, how much better isn’t Eddie Izzard with his visuals.

I really don’t know where to start and what to bring up in this review but in this stand up special, there is not a single moment that I don’t have at least a big smile on my face. The bits are regularly used by me and my fellow fans in every day life because it feels like there are few situations that there isn’t a bit from Brian Regan that suits the moment and I have only heard/seen three stand up specials by him. I like so many forms of stand up comedy and Brian Regan is funny in whole different way than other stand up comedians that I love, say Louis CK, Jimmy Carr or Ricky Gervais who are all amongst my favorites but build a lot of their comedy on being edgy. Brian Regan just has a funny bone and an impeccable timing and can make you laugh by just standing funny. You can also tell that Brians stand up comedy is very intelligent and well written even though he acts stupid.


He hasn’t come out with a DVD special since the brilliant “Epitome of Hyperbole” (2008) (google that and you get NO satisfaction regarding the meaning of this title so it’s clearly a Brian Regan trade mark wording) witch I think is extremely unsatisfying and I don’t know why that is. I really hope that he will come to Sweden some time because he is at the top of my list of comedians that hasn’t been here. Also Brian, do another stand up DVD special!

You can buy the album from his webpage but start with the clip below to get a taste of his act. Buy the DVDs to support the artist!

His album Brian Regan Live is on Spotify here, Buy it to support the artist.

Brian Regan – Brian Regan Live



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