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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by admin


Stand up comedy review: Chad Daniels

Review of stand up comedy album “You’re the Best” (2012) by Chad Daniels

This was funny as hell. I’m sorry but this review is going to contain a lot of superlatives. All of them positive, it’s going to be really cheesy. But stay with me, you are going to enjoy this album so much if you love good stand up comedy as much as I do.

First of all I want to say that my sides hurt, both of them. My cheeks hurt and the back of my scalp, hurts. Last I laughed this hard to an stand up comedy album that I had in my headphones was, well…  never. All through my three, or actually four for this album, listenings I smiled and laughed and felt really good. This is not a comedian that feed of anger, it’s actually quite positive even if it also has it’s darker non-PC bits witch I loved. I actually found myself laughing harder at the edgier bits for each listening, I can’t explain why though.

This will, in my book, be an instant classic. I know I will return to this album over and over. I now know I have a clap brain and I wish I was in the crowd the night this album was recorded. The jokes are raining down and even when he is explaining his jokes it’s funny.

His tone makes small things so funny. I laughed straight out when he said “a ninja” just because of the tone. The “two types of boo” made people look at me funny at the bus. Common Cinderella..

Super well written show altogether and extremely well executed. I’m so impressed with this album, his whole attitude and tone. I’m wondering if every show with him is this well timed? If it is, I think this guy should be selling out stadiums.  Someone need to promote this album and I will try to do my part and maybe I’ll get my chance to see him perform live in Sweden some day.

Favorite bits: All of them, yeah, all of them. Not one single exception.

You WILL listen to the album on Spotify here and you WILL buy it to support this artist! If you get this album, You won life!

Chad Daniels

Note: I can also strongly recommend his earlier album “Busy Being Awesome” (2009) witch is also.. awesome.

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